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Do you struggle with Anxiety? Are you up and down with Depression? Do you feel that there is something holding you back from achieving what you can?
At Evolve Wellbeing we want to help you overcome your personal mental hurdles and learn how to navigate around those obstacles that you face in your daily life.


When creating the Evolve Wellbeing Retreat, we did so with the extensive knowledge of our team of experts, but we also reflected on our own experiences with mental health. This has allowed us to design a unique wellbeing programme - one that is built on sound professional practises, but one that also includes specific elements that we believe could have helped us in the past. 


The result, we believe, is a new type of retreat, one that doesn't just focus on one craft but focuses on combining multiple techniques through engaging workshops and activities which develop awareness and core principles in mindfulness (mental health), fitness, nutrition, overcoming anxiety and building confidence.


Set in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside, the Evolve Wellbeing Retreat is a 3-day wellness retreat that combines yoga, meditation, nutrition, talks and personal coaching. Whether you want to discover more about yourself, overcome challenges or simply learn in a relaxing environment, everything we do is done with the sole aim of making a genuine, long lasting difference to your mental and physical health. 


Making positive changes to your life takes courage - and energy! So rest assured that you’ll be able to relax and rejuvenate during your stay. Access to yoga classes, hot tubs, massages and more are included in the ticket price, while 3 meals a day (and snacks) will be provided and cooked in front of you by our nutritionist and chef.  The luxury on-site glamping options include yurts, tipis and bell-tents, to guarantee you a comfortable and refreshing night’s sleep under-the-stars. 


Quite simply, we aim to set the standard in wellbeing retreats. We want you to come away from your stay with us with the kind of new knowledge and experiences that can help you transform your life. Please read on for full details of our programme of activities. 


What to Expect

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What we do

There’s no magic pill that you can take to make yourself feel better physically or mentally, nor can you simply change your life overnight. However, there are simple steps anyone can take to improve their physical and mental health. 


At the Evolve Wellbeing Retreat, we’ve put together a comprehensive mental health and wellbeing programme designed to give you the essential building blocks to becoming your best self. It’s the only wellbeing retreat we know of that combines three key principles in order to give you everything you need to make positive change in your life.

The Fundamentals of Physical Fitness

The contribution of physical fitness to your overall health and wellbeing cannot be underestimated. The coaching at our retreat won’t be about turning you into an athlete, but it will be about showing you how to harness the benefits of simple movement and breathing exercises to boost your mental and physical energy.  


The Importance of Nutrition 

Food and nutrition is another essential consideration when it comes to wellness. Before lockdown we were going to be examining topics like why we eat what we eat, how to get what you want and need from food, and what’s actually in the foods that we eat on a daily basis but unfortunately we've had to cut this area.


Our focus is now to eat together and have a communal chat about what we eat and why. In the future we will have a nutritionist down but in order to limit the ticket prices on this event we sadly cannot do this.


A Focus on Mental Health

While only some of us struggle with mental health, everyone can make improvements. Our expert coaches will introduce you to the fundamental pillars of wellbeing: Eating, Sleeping, Exercising and Meditating. They’ll help you identify your personal goals and then break down what it is that might be stopping you from achieving them. 


Together we’ll look at how to read the signals, build on your strengths and explore your motivations. We’ll learn techniques to deal with stress, calm your mind and even tackle addiction. By the time you leave us, you’ll come away with your own personal mental wellbeing strategy, tailored to your own ambitions and dreams. Our experienced coaches will be available to book on a 1-to-1 basis as well as teaching classes throughout the weekend. 



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Woodlands Farm, Little Dewchurch, Herefordshire, HR2 6QD.

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